Despite more and more private residential leasehold properties being built every year the leasehold industry still remains unregulated which is why it is even more important to ensure your building is being looked after by a professional, honest and transparent managing agent.

We are the only managing agent to push transparency boundaries to the very limit by allowing our owner directors secure 24/7 access to ALL their Company files including financial information, invoices, estimates and bank statements basically any file or document we have access to, they do too!

We continue to work tirelessly when it comes to looking after any managed building and will always look for ways to reduce service charge costs without every compromising on the service provided to residents or their building. By refusing to take any form of commission or kickback from any contractor or service provider residents will testify how not only has their service charge budget been reduced but their developments has never been so well looked after.

The leasehold industry will continue to change and us with it and hopefully one day it will actually become regulated but until that day we can assure residents of any development that we have been privileged and trusted to manage that we will continue to look after their development as if we lived there ourselves!

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Essex based we are well situated to manage any development within a 40 mile radius and within our published fee structure.

We are currently managing developments in Colchester, Tendring, Chelmsford, Grays and London but no matter where in the Country your development is we will continue to  look to reduce your service charge costs without ever compromising on the service you and your building deserve.

Developments currently under our management range from purely residential leasehold properties to mixed developments that include commerical units. We even manage a 6 storey development that consists of commercial units on the gound floor, private apartments on the 5th and 6th floors with remaining floors in between being used as a hotel.

The smallest development we manage consists of just 4 properties the largest 162 properties. The needs and requirements of each managed development differ from one to another as do the bulding facilities and frame work of their leases.


The role of a managing agent is both unregulated and confusing and there is NO regulatory body. To many a management company and managing agent are one in the same - they are not,they are two completely different bodies. Current regulations are confusing and try to cover all aspects of the role of managing agent; however this role can differ from development to development. In most instances we are employed by the resident management company and are answerable to them and their elected directors -for further information on the role of directors visit the resident section of this website.

In most cases where you read of complaints or LVT/First Tier Tribunal decisions against managing agents it is where the managing agent is employed by the freeholder and not the residents and they don't have a say in how their development is run, this in our opinion is wrong. Any development where we act for the freeholder we ensure that the residents are consulted at all levels including the setting of the service charge.

Block Managers is an accredited member of The Leasehold Knowledge Partnership and members of the Property Redress Scheme, both these organisation goal is to protect leaseholders  and to ensure straight dealing when it comes to managing leasehold properties. We are proud to support and follow their rules and guidelines and will adhere to any diciplnary procedures.

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