Block Managers offer a truly unique and bespoke approach when it comes to managing your development so much so that not only will we guarantee to reduce service charges but will provide a better service to residents and their building. Listed below are just some of the services provided as standard that are included in our management remit:

Acting as your Company Secretary
          Health & Safety/Fire inspections and management
          Section 20 works
          24/7 Emergency call out service
          Insurance claim handling service
          Holding and attending directors meetings including an Annual General Meeting
          Dedicated site manager
          Your own separate bank account with FREE BANKING as standard

Communication is vital and there is no better way to offer total transparency than to give our owner directors secure access to our computer systems so that they can view ALL their Company documents. Whether they want to check what actions have been taken against a service charge defaulter, read through their lease or update themselves on the developments financial status ALL the information is there and readily available 24/7 and at their convenience and as these are the same documents we use daily they will be regularly updated.

Our refreshing approach to block management has secured us the management of a number of developments throughout East Anglia and you can read comments from our owners themselves on our TESTIMONIALS page.


If you are reading this you are probably already tired of ever increasing management fees in return for an inadequate and less transparant service and we of course want to speak to you to show you that not all managing agents are the same!

Chances are your current agent will have you serve out a notice period and perhaps even look to charge you a termination fee to hand over documentation to a new managing agent. There is little we can do regarding this if it forms part of your management agreement but what we can do is agree to take over the running of your development as soon as possible during this notice period for which we will make no charge as it will assist us and also there will be no disturbance of service to you or your fellow residents during the handover. Where we have taken over the management of previous developments with in the same notice period we have been able to make savings on insurance and major works costs that more than recompensed the previous agents termination fees, needless to say we will look to do the same with your development by immediately looking at cost savings.

So if you want to start seeing some service for your service charge not to mention having full secure access to all your site's documents then contact either Gavin or Lisa today on (01206) 561674 to discuss the benefits of appointing Block Managers as your new managing agent.

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Tel: (01206) 561674