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You may have sold you last property, handed the management company over to the residents but no matter how good your reputation is as a builder if you don't have the right managing agent your after sales reputation will suffer.

Time and time again new manging agents are sought within a year of the developer handing over the management company to the residents, perhaps the service charge was set unrealistically or other factors were not taken into account from the off, landing residents with extra costs.

We will get it right from the start - service charges will be calculated at a realistic level factoring in all current and future costs  so that the level of the resident's service charge remains at an affordable and as constant as possible level year after year. We will work with you and the residents. During the first few years is usually where any problems with the build will get highlighted and we will both be judged on how we handle these type of problems.

So whether you are a large or small developer, whether you have laid your first brick or just at planning stage talk to us today to see how we can help!

Developers wishing to hold on to the management company themselves your selection of managing agent is even more important with the Right To Manage regulations, do you want to be forced into a position of having to sell this asset? Make sure you too have chosen the right managing agents for your development.

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