Block Managers Limited will:

*   at all times be 100% transparant in our business dealings and will declare any current or future business connection

*   never take any form of commission or consultancy from any contractor or insurance provider

*   never make any additional charge for the management of any development

*   keep your service charge funds in a seperate, interest earning bank account which includes free banking

Block Managers Limited will ensure that:

*   postal correspondence will we answered within 48 hours or sooner

*   email communications will be replied to within 4 working hours or sooner

*   out of hours telephone messages will be answered within 2 working hours of the next working day

*   maintenance works, subject to funds and where possible will be completed within 48 hours or sooner

*   insurance claims will be notified to the insurer the same day

*   service charge budgets will be calculated and demands sent out no earlier than 8 weeks prior to the financial year end

*   documents are filed at Companies House within 3 working days

*   accounts are prepared no later than 3 months of the year end date

Block Managers Limited will always:

*   be registered with the Information Commissioners Office for data protection

*   carry professional indemnity insurance

*   be a member of the Ombudsman Service for property matters

*   adhere to and abide by all relevant industry regulations

Finally, Block Managers Limited will never forget that WE WORK FOR YOU !


Oak House
6 Dorchester End
Essex CO2 8AR

Tel: (01206) 561674           info@blockmanagersltd.co.uk