Listed below are the details of our standard management package, however we know no two sites are the same and that your site may not require all these services. We therefore can offer a bespoke package tailored to your individual development.

What makes us different from a lot of our competitors is that we publish our costs upfront and we only make one charge for managing your development. Even then we give the option of basing our management fee on either a fixed percentage of the total service charge payable or a per property, per year fee. Although by no means unique charging any of these ways, where we do differ is we make no further additional charge and include services within our remit that you would usually be charged extra for, either by your agent or a third party company but whichever way would increase your service charge costs.
Company Secretarial Services

Most residential management companies are limited, usually by purchase of a property you become a shareholder/member of the resident management company. As with any limited company an annual return has to be filed with Companies House together with any change of company particulars. As part of our management remit we will ensure full compliance of the Companies Act 2006.

Book keeping

Each development we manage will have their own individual bank account. All transactions in and out of this account will be recorded, itemised and reconciled with bank statements. Regular reports will be shown to resident directors and will be presented in a clear and easy understandable fashion. At the end of the financial year all bank statements and records will be sent to your company accountant for the annual accounts to be prepared.

Service charge collection

Once the service charge budget has been agreed, a service charge invoice will be sent out. It is important that any service charge monies are paid regularly which is why we have a 'Service Charge Collection Policy' in place to ensure that non-payment does not otherwise jeopardise the smooth running of your development.

Directors Meetings and AGMs

Directors have a legal responsibility to ensure that the development is being run correctly the only way they can do do this is for them to be kept up to date with all site matters. As well as regular reports and meetings they are given 24/7 access to our computer systems so that they can view their own Company  documents including finances, leases, budgets and general correspondence. By adopting this approach they will always be assured that service charges are being collected and any monies being spent are justifiable and with in budget and in accordance with their lease.

Although many other agents using the Companies Act 2006 no longer hold or arrange an Annual General Meeting we will always advise to hold one as this gives owners their chance to have their say even if it is just to satisfy themselves that the building is getting the service it deserves.


We will handle all day to day maintenance, ensuring only professional and competent contractors are used. With regards to regular maintenance like gardening and cleaning we will ensure that contractors are carrying our work as per specifications.

For larger projects that have been budgeted for within the service charge, external decoration of the development for example, we will happily manage from issuing section 20 notices (if required) right up to completion and signing off of the works.

As long as any work is paid from service charge funds we make no additional charge, however for any unbudgeted work where an extra charge to residents is called upon we will make an additional charge which will be agreed in advance.

24/7 Emergency out of hours service and insurance claim handling service

Things have a habit of going wrong when it is most inconvenient for them to do so which is why we provide out of hours contractors for any eventuality - communal door lock gets jammed, lighting failed in communal stairwell, the flat above’s bath is overflowing into the flat below etc.

As well as competitiveness our other main criteria when choosing your block insurer is their claim handling systems. It is our aim that should the worst happen we will ensure that your property is repaired quickly with the minimum of inconvenience to you.

We do not take any commission or have any association with any insurer or contractor.

Regular Site Inspections

Although we value residents contacting us to tell us about any problems with the development we still visit the development ourselves on a regular basis. We don't just look for problems but make sure that the gardens are being kept to a high standard, the communal areas are being cleaned and any recent repairs have been carried out correctly.

We do not stipulate a fixed number of either site inspections or meetings as we understand at certain times the need for more frequent meeting and inspections are required.

Health & Safety Compliance

Communal areas both internally and externally are classed as work places and therefore the Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1974 apply. It is important that your development is a safe place, whether you live there, visit there or are a tradesperson carrying out work there. Most managing agents outsource this area because of the complexity of health & safety regulations and a charge is made payable from service charge funds. With most modern developments the management of health & safety is more about common sense and ensuring any tradesperson used has an adequate understanding of current regulations and therefore we are more than happy to deal with this with in our remit.

Where we may make an additional charge

As previously stated for any unbudgeted large expense where additional service charge funding is made we will charge an additional fee, this will be discussed and agreed with the management company.

Postage - with in our fees we have included to send out service charge demands, notices of AGMS, and minutes of AGMs, minutes of any director's meetings as well as day to day letter writing to residents that will arise. However if additional multiple letters are required i.e. a monthly newsletter then we will charge for postage and printing costs.


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