At times living in an apartment block can cause problems, where possible we will try to help, however sometimes there may be little we can do. Below is a list of the most common grievances we have come across together with some helpful advice:

Noise Nuisance

This can be anything to a neighbour having a party, arguments or even a baby crying. Hopefully this will just be a one off incident and your tolerance and patience would be appreciated. If however this goes on day after day there are some steps we can suggest:

Talk politely to your neighbour, no need to get into an argument we do live in a civil society after all

A letter can be sent to the offending premises, of course we would not divulge the source of the complaint

Worst case scenario we would advise you to contact the local noise enforcement officer at your local council

Satellite Dishes

There are other options to receive extra TV channels either FREEVIEW or streaming services.

Most leases forbid the keeping of pets, however in some instances the keeping of small domesticated pets may be deemed acceptable hamsters, budgies etc. If you are unsure please contact us and we will happily check your lease.
Service Charge: Why do I have to pay?

When purchasing a leasehold property you agree to contribute to the running costs of the associated management company or resident association, these costs go towards the upkeep of the development and can include regular gardening services, cleaning of the communal stairwells, repairs to the building, block insurance etc.

SERVICE CHARGE - I am experiencing difficulties and have fallen behind on my service charge payments
Talk to us; please do not bury your head in the sand thinking it will be forgotten. Service charge monies owing cannot just be written off but we can help, perhaps give you some time or offer some useful advice.

Consider becoming a resident director of either your resident management company or residents association. We value most highly the input of resident directors and although as a director of the company you will have legal obligation we are here to assist and it is not as complicated as it first may sound.

As a resident director of a limited resident management company or resident association you have a legal duty to the other residents to ensure that the company follows and meets all relevant regulations and of course making sure we are doing what we are paid for and that is managing your development professionally.

They can be there is no denying that, however we speak only plain English and have found that deep down most of the regulations are common sense and there to protect your rights and those of others.
My current managing agent doesn’t seem to care
We hear this a lot whether it’s a different staff member attending meetings, staff changing around, unable to get hold of anyone etc. Our aim is to be the most contactable managing agent there is, be it over the telephone, email or WhatsApp.

CALL US TODAY to discuss your situation and tell us a bit about your development and hopefully before long you and your building will be enjoying the serivce that you both deserve!