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As Property Managers, we are tasked with a wide range of responsibilities; all are included in our one-off fee as a total management solution.

We provide complete transparency of all finances that allows directors to be completely informed of the development’s financial state at any time. All funds are held in a NatWest business account designated for your development.

Our service is designed to ensure everyone living in a development never has any worry and can trust us to solve any problems quickly and with diplomacy.

We deal with complaints from residents. For example, if another resident is unhappy with their living environment due to a neighbour causing a nuisance, then we treat this with the highest matter of importance.

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Should there be a leak coming from one flat and going into another, we are the first point of contact, and we will resolve the issue quickly.

We take care of the communal areas of flats and deal with hiring and managing contractors to carry out repairs. It is our responsibility to supervise the work to guarantee the result is up to standard and that it has been value for money.

We sometimes are requested to provide parking control to ensure that only residents are parking on the development and this is also included in the single annual fee.

Whatever you need, our 24/7 telephone line is staffed by professional operators who understand your concerns and are there to listen.

Service Charges

Our responsibilities include the collection of service charges, which include arrears. We will instruct legal proceedings for unpaid services when necessary. We allow leaseholder fees to be paid by monthly standing order at no extra cost.

Ground Rent

Freeholders sometimes prefer the management company to collect ground rent on their behalf. Where the lease allows this, we can collect ground rents and pass these to the Freeholder at no extra charge to the leaseholder or Freeholder.


All service charges are split and calculated following the terms of the lease. We will produce a plan to ensure your development is kept in a healthy state within the budget agreed. We safeguard that requests for additional funding are avoided wherever possible.


All contractors used to maintain your development will be fully legal and professional.

The contractor will be required to comply with relevant health and safety requirements. This is for their safety and that of the leaseholders.

Where possible, we use local tradespeople to help improve the local economy and this also allows a swifter responses in emergencies.


Block Manager Ltd does not pay or accept commission on any services provided by itself or third parties. Block Managers Ltd will pass on any discounts on a product or service to the client.

Health & Safety

The law requires particular Health and Safety inspections to be performed, records kept, and remedial action is taken. These inspections will be effected at the frequency required by law or as the situation demands.

It is our responsibility to get certification that the development is compliant. If outside professional services are required, these will be provided at a competitive price.

Site Inspections

Our philosophy is that Managing Agents must be hands-on and walk the site regularly. We aim to meet with directors, residents and leaseholders as often as possible. We visit sites as often as agreed with the client.

RTM – Right To Manage

The legislation allows leaseholders to have the statutory right to take on their development management from the Freeholder. The Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 introduced the Right To Manage (RTM).

This Act allows those that pay for the maintenance of their building (lessees) the right to ‘hire and fire’ by setting up a Right To Manage Company. No permission from the landlord or proof of mismanagement is needed.

We have significant experience undertaking the Right To Manage (RTM) process. We would be happy to help those interested in exploring this option.

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Why you should choose Block Managers?

100% Transparent

we are the only company to give resident directors 24/7 secure access to all their developments files held on our computer system.

100% Block Management

We are not landlords, estate or letting agents so therefore concentrate solely on looking after your development and even then we only ask to be engaged on a month to month basis.

100% Honest

We refuse to take any form of kick back or commission from any contractor or service provider when managing any development.